B’s Sweet Bites – Des Plaines, IL

This sweet little restaurant and bakery is located about 35 minutes from Chicago. Keep reading for details on one of my favorite breakfast places…

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Pictured above are the angel food pancakes and “Everything but the Mixing Bowl Skillet”. Alongside the skillet are B’s famous, homemade English muffins- complete with cinnamon butter!

I love the small business, family style feeling at this restaurant, and could not recommend it enough. The prices are low and the quality is always high!

Tips for Your Visit:

  1. A reservation is typically not necessary, and it’s usually easy to find a table
  2. Don’t skip dessert! Bring home a bakery cookie, brownie, or tiny pie
  3. Try out “B’s Ballin Lasagna”, one of their famous dishes!

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