Smoke Daddy – Wrigleyville

A perfect summer Cubs game pregame, this BBQ spot was definitely a crowd favorite! Over this past summer, my boyfriend and I had our fair share of Cubs game nights in Wrigleyville. It’s always an adventure planning the food scene and something I look forward to most! Smoke Daddy remains my favorite pregame spot soContinue reading “Smoke Daddy – Wrigleyville”

B’s Sweet Bites – Des Plaines, IL

This sweet little restaurant and bakery is located about 35 minutes from Chicago. Keep reading for details on one of my favorite breakfast places… Pictured above are the angel food pancakes and “Everything but the Mixing Bowl Skillet”. Alongside the skillet are B’s famous, homemade English muffins- complete with cinnamon butter! I love the smallContinue reading “B’s Sweet Bites – Des Plaines, IL”